Innovaciones Tecnologícas Industriales 2020, SL. (ITI2020) is a company founded in 2015 by four partners directly linked to the textile sector, and have the technical, industrial and commercial capabilities to develop new and innovative systems of bleaching textile.


The company is specialized in the development of systems for continuous rope scouring, bleaching and washing of knitted fabrics in, developing own technology, based on strict control of the process, in the physical and chemical treatment of the fabric, increasing noticeably the productivity and the quality of the bleaching process.


ITI2020 is a company that bases its business on the development of technologies or knowledge results of its research activity, being supported by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), through the NEOTEC program, with funds allocated to the creation and consolidation for technology-based firms.






The company team of Innovaciones Tecnológicas Industriales 2020 S.L., is formed by recognized professionals linked to the textile sector, with strong knowledge and expertise in the areas of management, R+D, industrial process applications, technological development, commercial and marketing.

Is a multidisciplinary team, with a high “know how” and with ability to cover any need in each and every area of the company, providing the most efficient solutions in each case, with high levels of quality.

Customer focus and commitment to service and quality are our values.


ITI2020 has developed an innovative continuous rope bleaching system of knitted fabrics that allows production to be increased up to working speed of 150m / min, allowing to process up to 1600 Kg of fabric in an hour and optimizing energy consumption and water.

It is a development that has led to a research and development work about the bleaching process in all phases, emphasizing the chemical process to achieve the highest possible performance. The results achieved have permitted the construction of new bleaching equipment with our own patented technology, and with a productive capacity superior.

The company ITI2020 with the financial support of the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) through the CREATEC-CV Program and also supported by the European Union through FEDER Programme funds 2014/2020.

This new project is based on OPTIBLEACH innovative bleaching technology that we developed a few years ago. In this project, we have developed a new, more economical bleaching system with more adapted productive capacities for companies with medium-low production volumes, and a specific dosing system that allows controlling the quality of the bathroom automatically.

These developments have allowed the company to consolidate as a supplier of advanced solutions for the dyeing and textile finishing processes.

Title of the project: CREATEC-ITI2020-Proyecto de I+D de la empresa de Base Tecnológica ITI2020
Nº Expedient: IMCBTA/2017/5
Grant: 42.503,56 €


Description of the line:

The line of continuous rope bleaching OptiBleach 2.0, has been developed for the continuous chemical bleaching of large quantities of fabric for the continuous later dyeing or optical white of fabrics and knitwear of Cotton and Polyester / cotton.

The continuous line has a high production, 1.600 kilogram / hour, can be operated by a single person, due to high degree of automation.

Optionally the line can incorporate an automatic opener with squeegee foulard working on fabric width, an output with a folding system working on fabric width, as well as a mixer of products, pumps and equipment for the dosing of chemical and auxiliary products.


1. In the OPTIBLEACH 2.0 machine the fabric or mesh of cotton or cotton/polyester, is uniformly impregnated with alkaline bath with detergent, in the first scouring phase.

2. A bleaching module treats the rope fabric, divided in 6 baskets, during 20-30 minutes at 90-98 ºC, with the same system of discontinuous bleaching in JET.

3. Then hot rinse, neutralize and cold rinse in 9 baskets with drained at the output of each basket. The neutralized bath in 3 baskets is controlled by a pH meter to always keep the pH of the bath within predetermined values.

4. Application of the wet-wet optical in the module at the end.

5. Output with the folded fabric in rope or open (the latter optional).



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03802 – Alcoy (Alicante)

Contact person: Antonio Solé